Webster Primary School

  1. Statutory Info
  2. Academy Improvement Plan

Academy Improvement Plan Headlines

Below are the key objectives that we are focusing on for the 2023-2024 school year. 


  Quality of Education

  Objective 1

 Improve reading progress and attainment by supporting our pupils to comprehend a range of reading genres with fluency, accuracy and speed.

  Objective 2

 Improve writing progress and attainment by supporting our pupils to write a range of genres with confidence at an age-appropriate level.

  Objective 3

We want our pupils to speak, read and write Spanish at an age appropriate level.

  Objective 4

We want our pupils to demonstrate respect, understanding and sensitivity towards different faiths through RE lessons and Equality Weeks. 


  Behaviour and Attitudes

  Personal Development

  Objective 5

We want our pupils’ rates of attendance to be above local and national averages.

  Objective 6

We want our pupils to know the Unicef Rights of the Child and to know their rights and assume responsibility with confidence.


Leadership and Management

 Objective 7

We want our pupils and staff to work with excellent new school leaders as part of our leadership succession plan.