Webster Primary School

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  2. Academy Improvement Plan

Academy Improvement Plan Headlines

Below are the key objectives that we are focusing on for the 2022-2023 school year. 


  Quality of Education

  Objective 1

  Phonics: Embed the Little Wandle phonics scheme with rigour.

  Objective 2

  English: Further develop reading, writing and oracy through a revised planning format for English

  Objective 3

  EYFS: Further develop Outdoor Learning and Provision in EYFS: provide matched outdoor learning     opportunities.


  Behaviour and Attitudes

  Personal Development


  Objective 4 

  Ensure every child understands that ethnicity and sex are not barriers to employment, achievement and careers in    any field’.

  Further develop pupils’ understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion through: -

  • Equality Weeks x 3: Autumn/Spring/Summer
  • Renewed Assembly programme
  • Deliver new Medium-Term Plan for Religious Education in Summer Two
  • Deliver new Medium-Term Plan for Relationships and Health Education in Summer Two
  • Deliver ‘Get Away N Get Safe’ programme to Y6

  Other key improvements to note covered by separate Subject Improvement Plans:

  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION: MUSIC: Improve quality of singing through programme of in-class songwriting, singing and teacher CPD with Manchester Camerata practitioners.
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION: SCIENCE: Continue rigorous scrutiny and moderation to ensure post-Ofsted progress is maintained, particularly with new teachers.                            Participate in Terri & the Time Machine (TTM) research project within Year 3 science curriculum.