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Z Arts

We have a long-standing relationship with the Z-Arts centre on Stretford Road in Hulme. We work with them every year to provide a range of after school club for 6 weeks at a time, aimed at a range of age groups. 

These clubs encompass such diverse (and messy) activities as...

  • Screenprinting
  • Clay modelling- Clay OK
  • Photography
  • Noise orchestra-instrument making, writing a score and recording music
  • Stop motion film making
  • Comedy
  • Mix-it-up art
  • Garageband

Comedy Club 

Comedy Club worked with comedian Jana Kennedy to devise and perform their own comedy show 'The Weird Restaurant', it was fantastic!



Photography club was one of our most successful after school clubs ever- it has been fantastic to see the children so engaged in developing their skills and understanding. They developed their own photos in the dark room and made pin hole cameras. 

Every child took home a camera with film in and took photos of their own choosing- we waited with anticipation for the pictures to be developed and we weren't disappointed with the results!

Click on the photos below to enlarge:

Shadow Puppets 

Illustration Club 

Noise Orchestra

For more information about the project: https://zartseducationblog.wordpress.com/

Screen Printing Club

Screen printing is a club we have run many times over the years and the outcomes are always fantastic. Year 2 children worked on prints inspired by Hundertwasser.  Here are some examples of Hundertwasser's work:


and here are some pictures from the club :


Mix It Up Arts 

Year 1 children had a fantastic few weeks discovering and exploring a range of art forms, this is what they did: