Webster Primary School

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  2. Maths


In Years 1-6 we have generated our own long term plan, which incorporates all maths objectives from the DfE National curriculum document (2014). At Webster Primary the concrete, pictorial and abstract (written methods) approach is used across the school to ensure teaching of concepts is consistent. Once the children are secure we can then support and provide them with opportunities and challenges to build their 'mastery' of mathematics.

We also use weekly basic practice skill tests from the Assertive Mentoring programme which are additional to our timetabled Maths sessions. Maths lessons use a flexible, needs-led approach, with a rotation of different arithmetic activities as well as a strong main core element of the lesson. 

Nursery and Reception planning meets the Development Matters statements. Children take part in a daily 15-20 minute (Nursery) and 20-30 minute (Reception) group maths session. Opportunities to practice maths skills and vocabulary are planned into provision for child led learning. 


Curriculum Statement:


It is vital that we all use the same methods of teaching calculation when we are helping children with Maths. Please feel free to use it; your children should be using the calculation strategies according to the year groups they are in.