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Principal’s Welcome

It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm and inclusive welcome to Webster Primary School, a beacon of educational excellence nestled near Manchester City Centre; where diversity is celebrated, and academic success is woven into the very fabric of our mission.

        At Webster Primary School we take pride in our inclusive environment, where children of all races, faiths, languages, and cultures thrive.         Our commitment to diversity is evident in our school community, fostering an atmosphere where every child feels a sense of belonging.

Our dedicated and passionate staff form the backbone of Webster Primary School, providing a broad and balanced curriculum that sparks interest, inspires, and enables each child to realise their full potential.

   The richness of our curriculum ensures that all subjects are taught with excellence, fostering subject skills and disciplinary knowledge that             transcend the boundaries of traditional education. Through carefully crafted opportunities we encourage our children to excel and            discover their passions in various disciplines.

Webster Primary School is not just a place of academic rigor; it is a hub of collaboration with esteemed institutions and organisations.  Our strong affiliations with the Bursary Foundation (preparing children for Grammar schools), Manchester Camerata, Manchester University, MMU,      Whitworth Art Gallery, Z-Arts, The Architecture School for Children, Loreto College, MCFC, the International Society, Recyclebees and several                          others enrich the learning experiences of our children. Weekly visits from instrumental tutors and regular interactions with an                     Artist in Education further enhance the cultural and creative dimensions of our curriculum.

As we shape young minds academically, we also recognise the significance of emotional intelligence in nurturing well-rounded individuals. At Webster we cultivate creativity, curiosity, and imagination, facilitating a nurturing environment that encourages robust problem-solving skills and cultivates the fortitude to confront challenges with resilience and determination. Our focus extends beyond academic accomplishments to foster resilience, perseverance, and the values of gratitude and respect.

                                                     Above all, we want to ensure we develop individuals of commendable character,                                                        exemplifying kindness and compassion at the core of their being.

                     Join us in creating an educational journey that not only excels in academic achievements but also nurtures the essential                        qualities that prepare children for successful and healthy lives.

Ms Rauf, Principal