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Are you related to anyone in these pictures?

Class IV sent to us by the son of a former Webster Pupil (Webster Street School as it was then):

"Good morning!  I looked up the Webster Street website last night and realised that you have a substantial archive.  I wondered if this photograph is of interest.  My father, Raymond Trafford Miller, is on the front row, third from the left.  He was born in May, 1922 and since he is in Class IV, I would guess that the pupils are 10/11 years old. 

Somebody has written some of the names in pencil on the back: A. Clavan, M. Jones, E. Davenport, A. Handy, M. Holden, B.Walk/H.Hallam, F. Rogenon, V. Shand, G. Blainton, W. Wallis, G. Scalliom, B.Hatters,/Arthur Hayes, John Biham, R. Miller, J. Fitton, S. Jackson, S. Manley.  That is nineteen out of a class of forty-four + the teacher. 

Regards, P. Miller"