Webster Primary School

'We learn so much and we can follow our dreams!' Pupil quoted by Ofsted January 2016

E-Safety- Keep safe online! 

Two of our fantastic E-Safety Ambassadors led an assembly about staying safe online.  They were confident, knowledgeable and produced the following PowerPoint to share their understanding!

 Internet Matters- Information for Parents/Carers

This site was set up to help parents understand what their children might be doing on line and how to make this as safe as possible.

It looks at:

  • Social Networking
  • Online gaming 
  • Chatting
  • Downloading and viruses 
  • Using mobile internet
  • The issues that might affect your child
  • Supporting pre-school, primary and teenagers to use the internet

For more information click the green internetmatters.org icon above. 


ThinkUknow- For Children and Parents

ThinkUknow is a fantastic site for learning how to keep safe while on the internet- Click the picture above to find their homepage.

If you are a child, click your age group and you will find lots of games, videos and activities.

If you are a parent, do read the parents' section and talk to your child about this vital issue.

If you have any concerns about cyber-bullying do let us know at school and we will help.