Webster Primary School

'We learn so much and we can follow our dreams!' Pupil quoted by Ofsted January 2016

Welcome to our School

Welcome to our website. It should give you all the information you need and a flavour of life at our school. Do get in touch if you have any queries. 

Please look at our Twitter feed and YouTube channel for further snapshots and up to date news.

We may very well be biased, but Webster children are the funniest, keenest to learn, kindest and loveliest bunch we know. They are simply the best to work with. The team of teachers and teaching assistants are talented, dedicated, skilled, passionate and highly trained. 

The wordle below is the outcome from a whole staff training day; a large group of staff and governors debated the question 'What do we want our children to be like when they leave Webster?'.  We hope you agree with the result. We also want them to achieve very highly, and as the seventh best school in England for 'Value Added' they certainly do! 

'If we try, we can do this' 'si conamur, possumus'

  Whitworth Primary School: As you may be aware, there is a shortage of school places in our community. The governors of Webster Primary School are proposing building a new primary school for our community, to be located near our current school.  Click the link to find out more about Whitworth Primary School: www.whitworthprimarymanchester.co.uk (this proposed school was formerly known as Webster West Primary School)

Webster Primary School News

Please watch this space for news and event information.

Week beginning: 24th April

Monday: 4P at MMU EdLab, Parents' Evening 1.

Tuesday: 4W at MMU EdLab

Wednesday: 4P at MMU EdLab, Rainbow Rooms coffee morning, Parents' Evening 2.

Thursday: 4W at MMU EdLab

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